Since the very beginning we have selected vineyards and grape growers who are high up in the mountains close to our winery, this way we can avoid adding lots of sulfites to our wines. As we are looking for the maximum natural expression of our vineyards its only logical, we do not use any chemicals but instead natural remedies to protect our vineyards from vine and grape diseases.

As a result, ¡HOLA! is among the first wineries to adopt organic farming for all of its wines and have acquired European ECO certification since 2019. By working closely with eco sustainable specialists, our vineyards can foster a living and breathing ecosystem.

Our commitment to produce the highest quality wines is evidenced by the amount of time we spend in the vineyard. Together with our farmers, we planted our youngest block high in the mountains in unique terraces that provide underground drainage, a system that drains rainwater to allow timely root growth in optimal conditions.