Creating wine is an art. In our Casa Rural, in the middle of our mountain vineyards, in the heart of the natural surroundings of the +500 region, you are invited to follow the freshly picked grapes’ journey from vineyard to the bottle. A unique opportunity to learn about the craftsmanship behind the bottle. We only produce organic and vegan sparkling wines using the grapes harvested in our vineyards, which you can taste during your stay. Thanks to our wine experts, we ensure first-class, beautiful, and pure wines while allowing our guests to follow the whole production process. Come and experience the art of grape growing, on the B-side of Barcelona at only 1 hour drive from the city! Our Casa Rural has different rooms & packs check them out & book.

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October is all about the harvest and ¡HOLA! can offer you a great harvest experience. The day when we start picking the grapes is very special. As guests at our Casa Rural, you can have the pleasure to being a part of these memorable days. In addition to wine tastings and good food, you can experience the handling of the grapes. For anyone who wants, there is also the opportunity to participate in the sorting of the grapes and, for the brave, trying out winemaking the traditional way – with your feet.