¡Hola! Cava does not originate in a mass-production chain without any passion, but is made by 2 Belgian entrepreneurs who moved to Barcelona more than a decade ago with a dream, to grow, harvest and bottle the best organic cava in the world! Because the Mediterranean is not just a place it’s a … lifestyle.

At ¡Hola! Cava, we focus on high quality premium sparkling wines who give a maximum expression of our Catalan origin.

We can all agree that “owning” vineyards does not necessarily mean they produce the best grapes, so therefore we decided from the very beginning, together with our famous winemaker Joan Soler to select specific vineyards and farmers through long-term contracts instead of buying wine for making cava like most of the producers do. 


Most of our grapes are hand-picked and selected between 12 pm and 11 am to ensure their optimal quality and prevent natural oxidation before pressing them. Since 2016 we do not use any chemicals in our vineyards and reduce the use of sulphites to the minimum. Good for nature, Good for you. All Hola Cava sparkling wines are therefore certified organic and vegan.

We export about 85% of our production to around 25 markets in the world. Our most popular products are our Brut & Brut Pink and newly added Mediterráneo range.