BARRIK. preserves your wine from its worst natural enemies: air and light. This “small barrel” prevents your wine from oxidizing and keeps it fresh for at least 30 days. And because it has no cork, you cannot end up with corked wine. We have revolutinized its appearance and made it better value by replacing four glass bottles with one small barrel. With more cost-effective packaging, we are able to pass the savings to you. Once you have used your Barrik, you can re-use it as an ice bucket for your wines. Due to its structure, avoidance of cork, weight and shape, This Barrik considerably reduces the carbon footprint of your glass of wine. It is made of recyclable tin and has space for up to two small ice packs to keep it cool for many hours outside the fridge. Due to its shape, Barrik needs only 17 cm of shelf-space and fits 80% of all standard fridges.

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