The icon

The little everyday details we find in the places
we visit sometimes acquire
iconic status.

The red buildings of the Eternal City…


The dormer windows protruding from
Paris rooftops…
Details or trivial aspects that summarize and
represent the mental image of the essence
of a given city.

When I arrived in Barcelona,
I noticed that its icon was right
there under my feet: the simple
and beautiful tile called
Flor de Barcelona,
a 20cmx20cm flower
containing an important part of
the history of modernist
architecture that pervades
the city.

The drawing is attributed to
modernist architect Josep Puig I
Cadafalch. He used it in 1900 in
the tiles that paved the
Casa Amatller
it s entrance for carriages on
Paseo de Gracia.

The rose then filled the streets of
large areas of the city.
Cava Desde Barcelona
we are proud of our origins and
with this iconic rose we become
the ambassadors of the city
wherever we toast.